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F&B Concept and Franchising


NCT&H has established a Food and Beverage Company which has master franchises and develops F&B concepts. The following are its core brands of exquisite food and beverage concepts:

Chamas Churrascaria Brazilian Restaurant

For those of you who don’t know what a Brazilian Churrascaria is, think endless skewers of freshly barbecued meat and chicken served by enthusiastic and knowledgeable Passador until you tell them to stop. Add to this, a genuine Latin band and one of the liveliest atmospheres venues and you start to get an idea of what Chamas is all about. It’s an eat as much as you want experience unlike anything else.

The Fishmarket
Take the freshest seafood, cooked Thai-style and served in a relaxed setting right on the beach and you have the recipe for a truly legendary dining experience. Fishmarket is a flagship success story. This award-winning concept owes its popularity to a winning formula of superb ingredients and genuinely friendly service. Fishmarket is as fresh today as the day it served its very first guest.


Circo's sophisticated atmosphere reminiscent of the old-style European circus tents has inspired the restaurant's name. With locations in New York and Las Vegas, Circo is the only restaurant in the UAE, exclusively at the iconic, InterContinental Abu Dhabi. Circo offers upscale Italian fare built upon a foundation of signature Tuscan recipes from the kitchen of Maccioni matriarch Egidiana and prepared by Chef Luca. The menu features signature Tuscan dishes with authentic recipes passed down through the generations of the Maccioni family who founded the restaurant. Circo's dining room takes guests on a journey from the lively streets of Abu Dhabi to a playful European carnival tent through its imaginative and charming design. The radiant colour palette and cheerful décor create a vibrant, whimsical and dynamic ambiance that is enhanced by luxurious interior design. Circo will be helmed by Chef Luca Banfi who earned the top job after an outstanding performance at the popular American TV show 'Chef Wanted'.

The Yacht Club
What better concept than a stylish venue overlooking sandy beaches on picturesque marina. The Yacht Club is a hot spot with its contemporary interiors, Pacific Rim cuisine and the unlimited imagination of its bar staff. Prepare for cocktail creations, unforgettable sunsets and much more through the livery nights.

Belgian Café

Steaming mussel pots, chunky frites and creamy mayonnaise, served up with a choice of exclusive Belgian draught beers in a classically European setting. The Belgian Café is a little piece of old Brussels right in the heart of the city.

Luce is an Italian word (pronounced Lu-Che) meaning light. Positive energy radiates from light sources and we want you to feel this energy when you enter Luce. Upbeat, contemporary and stylish, everyone should feel that they are in the limelight at Luce. More than just an Italian restaurant, Luce is a complete dining experience. It’s fun, sociable, lively and it’s the place to be seen. 

Cho Gao – Asian Food Experience  

A first in the UAE, CHO GAO which means “Rice Market” in Chinese, is a re-imagining of the classic Asian restaurant. A 21st century eatery combined with the creativity, energy and senses of ancient Asian culture. When you visit CHO GAO, you will experience an adventurous culinary journey through Asia with a menu that takes its inspiration from Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia.  The heart of a CHO GAO restaurant is an escape for all the senses, a unique Asian experience offering all the surprise ingredients built around the contrasting tastes and smells found in east Asian streets & their unique culture. With its relaxed inviting atmosphere, CHO GAO cleverly combines a contemporary chic  bar that compliments CHO GAO’s casual dining style. A perfect escape from the working day, CHO GAO promises to be ‘the’ destination in Abu Dhabi.


SpaccaNapoli Ristorante  

An Italian with a stylish influence. SpaccaNapoli has an authentic style, from its deliciously different culinary delights right through to its stylish appointments. Besides the innovative Italian cuisine, the most arresting aspect of SpaccaNapoli is its view out to the street, as the sun begins to set, it's time to head indoors to an Italian rustic styling and a extensive menu all set around SpaccaNapoli’s Metre Long Pizza Oven which offers you the unique chance to order a pizza large enough to feed up to eight pizza lovers. Along with home made pasta, seafood dishes and meat such as veal saltambucca cooked to perfection will have you coming back time and time again.


Al Tannour  

From the most select Lebanese cuisine to the traditional belly dancer, live singer and musicians, this restaurant concept exudes Middle Eastern charm and intrigue. For a true Arabian experience come and sit back and be wooed by the fantastic service of the Al Tannour team. Fresh bread is made in the restaurant and served piping hot while watching the belly dancer and band perform.



A traditional English pub with a garden terrace. The perfect way to end a busy day at work or relax outside on the terrace during the weekend. Enjoy wholesome pub grub with one of the biggest draft selection on tap whilst watching the latest sporting action on the big screen.



Oscar set up his own after work destination called Oscar’s Vine Society. Whether for lunch or dinner, Oscar’s Vine Society is the perfect location to enjoy an authentic vine cellar atmosphere while savoring the most authentic and flavorful French cuisine.Offering you the perfect after work destination, Oscar’s Vine Society boasts over 40 vines by the glass and a fine selection of cold cuts and French bistro classic dishes.Oscar is well known for being short tempered and replied to the press with the following statement after banning well known wine maker Château Du Veno from his cellar: “I refused to serve anything but the best in my Cellar, I make it and I break it, only the best will be good enough for my friends and visitors. I have carefully selected the best beverages with excellent value for money.”



This funky Japanese restaurant concept offers quality food and a modern all round dining experience.Relax at the teppanyaki tables or one of the beautiful private tatami rooms for an authentic Japanese experience. Sakura offers a quick and healthy lunch option with a selection of freshly prepared bento boxes.Sakura promises to deliver its guests a wide-ranging variety of Japanese delicacies, from teppanyaki themed nights to freshly prepared bento boxes for lunch!Offering you traditional teppanyaki tables and tatami rooms, Sakura offers you a wide variety of activities for you to enjoy the most authentic Japanese experience!


Western Steakhouse  

Whether for business or pleasure, the Western Steakhouse concept is a Steak Lover’s paradise, serving only the finest U.S. grain-fed beef. The restaurant serves the choicest of cuts from fillet to rib eye or sumptuous seafood. All recommended and professionally served by the award winning service team  at Western Steakhouse.