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For centuries the tribes that inhabited the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula lived a tough nomadic livelihood, or earned a living by diving for pearls and fishing along the coast. In 1958 massive oil and gas reserves catapulted these impoverished desert sheikdoms into a dimension of wealth and plenty.

Slowly embracing socio-political reform too, today the region’s most socially liberal country is a federation of modern city-states replete with gleaming skyscrapers towering above manicured artificial oases and palm-lined boulevards. With economic diversification and enlightened development plans in diverse spheres, there is more to life in Abu Dhabi that meets the eye.

Abu Dhabi has become a testament of success to the blessings of hydrocarbons. Emiratis speak fondly, and rightly so, about their semi-nomadic ancestors who used to primarily depend on the seasonal activities of pearling and palm gardening, though this lifestyle may seem something of a contrast to their descendants in the modern, progressive society that is the UAE today.

Boundaries don't exist in the world of tourism. A fast-growing industry that continues to make our world smaller, yet larger at the same time. Every day it transports visitors from the four corners of the globe and introduces them to various cultures and traditions, a variety of cuisines, sights and sounds. An endless choice of foreign lands beckons to be discovered. Through organized tours, hotel bookings and transportation, tourism has educated as well as entertained its people.

The National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels (NCT&H) is poised to contribute to the promotion of Abu Dhabi as a tourist and international destination. And the four directions it has followed are: hotels, catering services, transport and retail. Each division is manned by an experienced management team and provides its customers with a variety of superior services.

NCT&H doesn't only target sun seekers and shoppers, because it believes that all Abu Dhabi holiday travelers and organized groups are searching for alternatives that promise personal enrichment. It intends to assist in making each and every Abu Dhabi vacation an adventure filled with inter-cultural diversity, where tourists have an opportunity to meet the people of the region, see the country and experience Arabia.

Danat Hotels & Resorts is the upscale hotel division of the National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels, formed in 1996 with the objective to participate in the development of the tourism and hotels sectors in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Abu Dhabi. The Corporation provides also transportation services, industrial catering, hotel acquisition and asset management.

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